How it started

Howdy! We are Raylyn and Charles. We are a couple of people just trying to do the right thing for ourselves and the planet.

A couple years ago, I was actively avoiding my homework for grad school, and started watching documentaries. I may have also convinced Charles to watch them with me. After seeing the horrors of factory farming and plastic pollution on the environment, I knew we had to make some changes.

We started eating a plant-based diet and making small changes in our daily lives. We definitely aren’t perfect, but small consistent changes make an impact.

Hi! I’m Raylyn Nicole

In my free time, I like hiking, swimming, and reading. I went to journalism school and enjoy writing. I believe everyone deserves to have a book written about them. I enjoy being out in nature. Ocean, mountains, forest – I love them all, but I am a wimp in the cold. My favorite season is summer.

This is Charles

He is my partner in crime. Not only did he support my decision to open the shop, but he has been involved in every step. I wouldn’t have had the courage to take this step without him. His favorite place to be is barefoot by a lake or the ocean.

And this is Miss Mary Jane

She’s the true boss around here. She’s always up for a hike or a lazy day on the couch with her people. She loves being outside in the sun and her favorite toy is a turtle made from recycled rubber.

The idea for the store started when I needed to distinguish my oral care products from my partner’s stuff. I couldn’t find the products I needed in one place, so I decided to gather them myself.

Our goal with the store is to provide fun and funky zero-waste products. More color, less beige.

Get in touch

We want to be an inclusive shop. If there is a product you want and you don’t see it in stock, please feel free to reach out. We love to hear from our customers!