Leak-Proof Underwear


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Clean & Modern

No more pad rash! Say hello to breathable bamboo

No more plastic waste! We love you, Mother Nature

No more overflow with our leak-proof design

No more wetness, clever moisture-wicking fabrics

No more side effects from Tampons and Pads. Avoid health issues like toxic shock syndrome & more!

Day To Day Use

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How To Use

You wear your Maeluas like your normal underwear and do your day to day activities. You need to change your Maeluas after every shower or after 24hours as you normally would/should.

Rinse your Maeluas in cool water as soon as you can. (pro-tip: do it in the shower!). Once rinsed, wash them with your regular clothes on a normal cold wash cycle. It is best to air dry your Maeluas and treat them like any other delicate item.

Once you are done using them, store your Maeluas with your other lingerie and keep them ready for the next month. When looked after, your Maelua underwear could last up to 3 – 4 years!

Did You Know That….

Break the cycle of waste today! Make a switch that is better for the environment, easier on your pocket and nicer on your skin and body. Choose Maelua today! 


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