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Our Mission

  • Establishment of Brand

    To establish Autonic as an important brand in the renewable Energy domain

  • Milestone

    To achieve installation of 50MW of  solar power by 2020.

  • Sustainable Solution

    Generate clean power by designing a robust  performing system, install the system enjoy the fruits over it designed lie.


  • Excellence

    Autonic is committed to continue journey in Green Energy domain through disruptive innovation:

    • By following Zero Tolerance 
    • In search of excellence 
    • For the benefit of society

Latest News

Benifits of Rooftop Solar

  • Create a grid balancing infrastructure to manage peak demand with energy storage.
  • It reduces requirement of land for solar Power.
  • It reduces need for  additional transmission infrastructure
  • Future Proof design to integrate multiple sources of power with solar.
  • Reduces the dependency on grid power.
  • Mitigates dieselgenerator dependency.
  • Long term reliable power  source.
  • Reduces Day Peak load  Demand
  • Lesser T&D and  conversion losses as  power is consumed at the point of generation.

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